After my air conditioning installation, is there anything I can do to keep my AC units working properly?

After my air conditioning installation, is there anything I can do to keep my AC units working properly?

If you’ve just invested in air conditioning installation, and have some nice, new mini-split ductless AC units, I’m sure you will want to protect your investment, and keep them working efficiently for as long as you can. All the AC brands we sell, such as Daikin, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi and Panasonic work pretty much the same way, so no matter what brand you have, you can follow these same tips to help keep the machines working well.

If you turn your AC off regularly, or even just from time to time, don’t just turn it to off. Turn it to FAN mode first. I am not talking about just turning the fan up higher or lower. I mean turning the AC from the cooling mode to the fan mode. Most remotes have a MODE button. From this button you can scroll through the options till you come to the fan option. Usually it’s a symbol of a fan, although it may have the word fan. When you reach the FAN option press that. Now your AC will just blow out room temperature air like a regular fan, it won’t blow cold air.  Leave it on fan mode for at least 15 minutes, or up to around 30. Then just turn the AC off. Remember, when you turn it back on, you will need to go to the mode button and turn it back to AC, which is usually symbolized by an snow flake, or it may say COOL.

Taking the time to do this simple step will help prevent condensation build-up inside the AC unit when it’s turned off. Sometimes people turn their AC’s on and water drips out the from the front for a while. People think their AC is leaking and often call for a repair. Actually, it’s just all that condensation being blown out. Following this step also prevents fungus/mold buildup on both the fan blades and the fan coil itself, from all that condensation.

The other thing you can do is clean your filters!  So simple, yet so often overlooked! The filters slide in and out from the machine easily, so they can be cleaned gently with a sponge and water to remove any dust buildup. The more dust builds up on the filters, the more air flow is reduced, which will decrease the efficiency of the unit. Also, that dust will grow mold on it over time. We recommend cleaning your filters every 3 months. To remove the filters, just lift up the lid on the front of the machine as high as it will go. It will lock open so you can then remove the filters, which you will see covering the machine. They just easily slide in and out.

Finally, if you wipe the top of the machine to remove dust build up, you will be reducing the amount of dust that will end up inside the machine. We have had to replace 3-year-old machines simply because the dust buildup had gone beyond the point of no return, due to not following any of the above tips. Following these simple tips will help protect your air conditioning installation investment for many years to come.

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