The Advantage of Having a Heat Pump on My Mini-Split Ductless Indoor Unit To Burn Off Dust And Musty Odors

The Advantage of Having a Heat Pump on My Mini-Split Ductless Indoor Unit To Burn Off Dust And Musty Odors

We recently had a customer who complained that an unpleasant smell was coming out of her mini-split ductless AC indoor unit. She said it smelled like cigarette smoke, although no one had smoked in the house that she knew of. We have noticed other units that blow out musty and stale air when they are turned on, and you may have experienced this also. People often request that the filters be replaced to solve this problem.  The filters inside your mini-split ductless system won’t need to be replaced, but they should be cleaned regularly, at least every 3 months. If dust is left on the filters it becomes a fertile field for mold to grow. You can simply slide the filters out, clean under running water with a sponge, pat dry, and then replace them. It just takes just a few minutes.

In addition to cleaning the filters, an excellent solution to this problem of an unpleasant musty or stale odor coming out of the AC unit, is to run the machine on heat mode for several hours. Go the mode switch on your remote control and select the heat option. Turn the temperature up as high as it will go, usually 88 degrees. Then go the fan button that controls how strong the fan blows and set it to the highest/strongest setting. Open your windows/doors to keep the interior temperature as cool as possible so the AC will stay on for as long as possible, because as soon as the interior temperature hits 88 degrees the air conditioning unit will turn off, until the temperature goes below 88 again. The high heat inside the air conditioning unit will burn off anything inside that is creating an odor.

If your indoor AC units are on a multi-port condenser, you will need to have all the units connected to the same condenser be on heat. If one is on cool you won’t be able to turn the other on to heat.  They both need to be on either heat or cool as the same time.

To be able to turn your mini-split ductless air conditioning units onto heat to refresh and burn off dust or anything else inside is a big advantage, especially in Hawaii, which is so humid, and also which has so much salt air in many locations. Some brands have a heat pump standard, with other brands it’s a special order, and thus more expensive.  We can help recommend the brand that would be most suitable for your specific needs.

All the best, Amanda

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